Welcome Letter

Thank you for your business! We appreciate having you as customer. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and customer support throughout the entire process. Your completion date is the date that your work will be completed by not the date the work will be performed. We give you this day as worst case scenario which would take into account bad weather. The reason we provide a completion date rather than an exact day is due to the fact that for every day that it rains our schedule moves up one day. This makes it impossible to give our customers an exact appointment date. We will however call you 24 hours before the clean and coating appointments. You do not need to be home for the clean or coating appointment and the team will be able to access your deck with ladders if necessary. Please make sure that the night prior to the Deck Helmet Team’s arrival, you unlock your gates and bring your pets inside. Your pets will not be able to walk on the deck for 24hrs after completion of the coating. Coating and Carpentry teams have no specific time for arrival, just a date with a 9-hour window for arrival. The team can arrive as early as 8am and as late as 5 pm the reason we don’t provide an exact time is due to the fact that most jobs don’t take exactly one day to finish. They usually take 1 and ½ days to complete. So to get to your project completed faster the team goes directly to your home rather than waiting until the following day to start. You are not required to be home for the deck to be completed!

We will also call you to review the welcome letter and to make sure you fully understand the process! You will also receive an email the night before the coating appointment with exact instructions on the job completion .

The Deck Helmet Process:

Step 1: TW Perry Will Deliver the lumber to your home and leave the wood in the driveway.

Step 2: Low Pressure Cleaning of Your Deck & Application Deck Helmets Patent Pending Eco Friendly Solution: Once the cleaning is completed your deck will need to cure between 1 to 30 days depending on the condition of your deck.

Cure Time: When we clean your deck, we apply Deck Helmet’s Eco Friendly solution that causes the cracks on your deck to contract and prepares the deck for the Deck Helmet Coating. This solution must cure between 1 to 30 days before applying the Deck Helmet coating depending on the severity of the cracks on your deck. In addition the Deck Helmet coating must be applied in fair weather conditions and if we rush our process and apply the coating when the deck is wet, it will cause the coating to fail within 1 year. Before we apply the coating, we will use our cure meter which gives us the ability to tell if the deck is fully cured.

**** Please make sure prior to our arrival that your water is on, all items are moved off and under your deck ** and the gates are unlocked*** ** SEE FURNITURE RELOCATION INSTRUCTIONS **

Furniture Relocation Instructions: Prior to Deck Helmet starting work, the Customer must remove all items including furniture, flowerpots, and all other items from underneath and off the deck. The customer must move the items / furniture a minimum of 100 feet from the deck prior to the cleaning, carpentry and coating. Deck Helmet will not be responsible or liable for any damages to customer’s furniture, flowerpots and other items left on, under or near your deck. Senior Citizens, if you are not able to move the furniture off the deck yourself and you elect to have us help you move the furniture and it is damaged we will not be held responsible for any damages and it will be your sole responsibility to make sure furniture is moved 100 feet from home.

Step 3: Carpentry:

Deck Helmet Carpentry Team: will re-secure the deck; replace warped & rotting boards & re-nail loose nails. The carpentry is either completed on the same day as the coating or in some cases we come out on a separate day depending on the weather and job size. The reason behind this is the fact that the Deck Helmet Coating can only be applied in fair weather and on the not so perfect days we are able to the carpentry. We will notify the morning of the carpentry appointment since we are not able to forecast what days it will be overcast and or rainy.

Step 4: Deck Helmet Coating: Deck Helmet will apply our Revolutionary Coating that transforms your old worn out deck to a like new deck at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Dry Time is 24hrs after last coat is applied.

**** Please make sure the night prior to our arrival you have all items off and under your deck** dogs inside and the gates unlocked. The average deck takes 1 to 2 days to completed depending on size and condition of deck. ** See Furniture Relocation Instructions: *****



The day the project is completed you will have until 8 pm that evening to inspect your deck.

Step A: The scheduling team will call and notify you 3 hours prior to your deck being completed and request you be at your home within 3 hours to inspect the deck and approve the work is completed to your satisfaction. then call 1-888-533-2543
Step B: Inspect your deck using the job completion checklist below

Step C: OPTION 1 – no issues with the work

1 – Sign the manager’s job completion form

2 – Pay the final balance. Please make your check out to Deck Helmet Inc.

3 – Go to www.deckhelmet.com/punchlist and select no punch list items and complete the form.

4. Call 1-888-533-2543 to confirm you have filled out the online form & the work has been completed.

Step C: OPTION 2 – issues to fix go to www.deckhelmet.com/punchlist create a punch list (this punch list will be emailed to the Coating manager and in most cases he will be able to finish the touch ups the same day.

Step 1: Call 1-888-533-2543 to confirm you have filled out the online punch list and that the Deck Helmet Scheduling Team can schedule the team to fix the items on your list the same day or the next morning depending on the time. If you wait past 8 pm to call, we will have to start another job rather than complete your job the next day. At Deck Helmet our goal is to finish what we start!

Step 2: The Coating team will arrive the next morning to fix the items on your list.You do not need to be home for this appointment.

Step 3: Deck Helmet support team will then call you the next day to notify you that all items have been fixed

Step 4: Once you have reviewed the work, login to your punch list form online www.deckhelmet.com/punchlist

Step 5: Check off next to each item that it has been fixed no later than 8 pm.

Step 6: Call 1-888-533-2543 to confirm that you have updated the punch list.

Step 7: We will process your final payment .

If you don’t call before 8pm we will assume the items have been fixed and we will PROCESS YOUR FINAL PAYMENT!

***In the event of inclement weather, please be advised that your job may be rescheduled for another day. **

Helmet Link Customer Support Portal:

For your convenience Helmet Link is Deck Helmet’s Revolutionary New Customer Support System designed to make sure that the completion of your deck is efficient and hassle free! Helmet Link will give you instant access 24/7/365 to all the relative information your will need throughout your process. Helmet Link Customer Support System gives you access to


Estimated Completion Date

Punch List System

Detailed Step by Step Process

Color Selection

Warranty Information

Invoice and Payments

Online Payment System

Knowledge Base with answers to all the questions you might have about our Process

24/7 Ticketing System

To Login and begin to use Helmet Link visit s https://deckhelmet1.force.com/customerservices

Customer Service: All customer service issues should be handled via Helmet Link allowing you on demand solutions 24/7/365. Your user name and password are your home phone number. To access support portal visit https://deckhelmet1.force.com/customerservices

Cleaning Instructions: The Deck Helmet Coating can be cleaned with a brush, composite deck cleaner and water. Never use a pressure washer to clean your deck once the coating has been applied.

Additional Work: All requests for additional work need to be communicated to the Deck Helmet main office at 888-533-2543. No arrangements should be made directly with Deck Helmet technicians. Deck Helmet Technicians are authorized to perform the work stated in the service agreement only. Any additional work performed without written authorization and in addition to the original service agreement is not covered by the Deck Helmet Warranty and is not considered to be a part of the Deck Helmet service. Deck Helmet is not liable for the quality of such work performed.

Coating between Boards: In some cases when deck boards are not spaced properly or the contraction over the years has created limited space the Deck helmet coating can get caught in between the boards. We are not able to remove the coating caught between the boards but the good news is your Deck is fully protected.