Our 8-Step Process to Revitalizing Your Deck!

  • 01

    You Call Us!

    Contact us to find out how Deck Helmet can solve your deck problems. We will send our team to evaluate your deck and give you an estimate.

    Step 1

  • 03


    Our team will arrive at a scheduled time. The estimator will measure the deck and evaluate the condition of the wood and provide a written estimate for your review. He will also offer assistance in choosing the best color/color combination for your deck.

    Step 2

  • 02

    Sign Up

    If the price fits your budget the clean team will start the process within 3 days of sign up!

    Step 3

  • 06


    The Deck Helmet Clean Team will clean your deck and restore it back to its original appearance using our patent pending low-pressure cleaning system that won’t splinter and damage your wood.

    Step 4

  • 07


    The Deck Helmet Carpentry Team will re-secure your entire deck, including rails, stairs, lattice and re-nail all loose nails. They will also replace all warped and rotting wood with the same type of wood originally used on your deck.

    Step 5

  • 09


    The Deck Helmet Team will apply our revolutionary Credit-Card-Thick composite coating that eliminates cracks and yearly maintenance with our 10-Year Warranty.

    Step 6

  • 05


    The team leader will then do a final post inspection and complete a walk-through to make sure you are happy with the results.

    Step 7

  • 08


    Finally, we leave your home as we found it, cleaning up all debris. If you find any areas that need touch-ups after our team leaves, you can submit a punch list through the support page, so that we can schedule a team to come out the next day and fix everything to your satisfaction.

    Step 8