Hello this is Dave Cohen , the Vice President of Deck Helmet. As the global effect of coronavirus continues to evolve, Deck Helmet is firmly committed to the health & safety of our customers, employees, and serving our communities. To Keep are employees working during these uncertain times, Deck Helmet is offering all Deck Resurfacing, Trex Deck Replacement, and new Composite Decks at a cost, and No reasonable offer will be refused !!

In addition we are able to provide customers with over the phone Satellite Estimates. We can review all 3 packages we offer, then measure your deck and provide you with an exact price using are Satellite technology. If the price fits your budget, we will come out and have you select colors, sign you up, and take all the furniture off your deck that day. If you wanted a composite deck and thought you couldn’t afford it with prices like this, now you can!

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Deck Helmet’s Refacing System

  • Low Pressure Cleaning of entire deck except flat surfaces that are being removed
  • Re-secure your entire deck, including the rails
  • Removal of existing decking on flat surfaces and top rails
  • Install Trex or Veranda Capped Composite on flat surfaces & top rails
  • Apply Credit Card thick composite coating to Rails Post and Verticals
  • 1 or 2 tone options
Before During After

Deck Helmet’s Replacement System

  • Removal of existing decking on flat surfaces and rails
  • Install Capped Composite on flat surfaces & stairs in Trex or Composite of your choice
  • Install PVC rails
  • Install PVC fascia
  • We have a variety of colors to choose from


The Advantages of Deck Helmet


  • Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Requirements.
  • Eliminates Splinters & Makes Your Deck Safe Again!
  • Mildew Resistant Finish.
  • Prepares Your Home To Be Sold At A Premium In The Future.
  • Can be installed in a fraction of the time of rebuild.
  • Increases The Value Of Your Home.