Deck Helmets End of Season Super Sale

Previous customers are eligible for Deck Helmet’s End of Season Super Sale, where you can receive 50% off Installation to upgrade your deck to Trex or Veranda Capped Composite for the SAME PRICE AS WOOD! We remove your old, worn out deck boards & install Trex or Veranda Capped Composite that won’t warp or splinter & doesn’t require seasonal sealing or staining!

You must be thinking how can this be possible? The Answer is quite Simple! Deck Helmet does not advertise in winter which allows us to provide huge discounts directly to our customers. It’s all about supply and demand, and when demand is low in the winter, to keep our employees working, our pricing becomes extremely discounted! This is the best time of year to get a great deal!

Wait there’s more! Have You Been Dreaming about a Screened In Porch, Sunroom, Addition , Extra Storage or Protected Outdoor Living Space but thought you couldn’t afford it ? Well Now You Can! Deck UnderCover by Deck Helmet transforms the wasted space under your deck into a dry usable indoor or outdoor living space with Trex RainEscape Drainage System at a fraction of the cost of a standard, Porch or Sunroom! Our system allows you to finish the space with a ceiling of your choice and then add lights, fans, TV, speakers, & a patio. You can leave the area open or ad retractable screens or windows to create the living space of your dreams! For more info visit www.deckhelmet.com/deckundercover.

To Qualify for 50% OFF Installation you must sign up & have the work done in the off season. This will allow you to lock in your discounted price now and avoid paying full price in the spring! Act Now & save thousands of dollars! You have until January 31st, 2020 to qualify for the End Of Season Super Sale!! Call Now 301-563-9557 or Schedule Online below!

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Deck Helmet’s Refacing System

  • Low Pressure Cleaning of entire deck except flat surfaces that are being removed
  • Re-secure your entire deck, including the rails
  • Removal of existing decking on flat surfaces and top rails
  • Install Trex or Veranda Capped Composite on flat surfaces & top rails
  • Apply Credit Card thick composite coating to Rails Post and Verticals
  • 1 or 2 tone options
Before During After

Deck Helmet’s Replacement System

  • Removal of existing decking on flat surfaces and rails
  • Install Capped Composite on flat surfaces & stairs in Trex or Composite of your choice
  • Install PVC rails
  • Install PVC fascia
  • We have a variety of colors to choose from


The Advantages of Deck Helmet


  • Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Requirements.
  • Eliminates Splinters & Makes Your Deck Safe Again!
  • Mildew Resistant Finish.
  • Prepares Your Home To Be Sold At A Premium In The Future.
  • Can be installed in a fraction of the time of rebuild.
  • Increases The Value Of Your Home.